Are you a gym or personal trainer looking for a little something extra to offer your clients, something to enthuse their commitment to their fitness and goals, retain their partnership with you and develop that team/community buzz . . . . then look no further.

Ultimate athlete is a great addition to your gym/PT business, offering your clients a fantastic new dimension to their fitness. Set them a short- or long-term goal of completing this event.  What a great sense of achievement they'll get from completing this challenging course.

Pull together the biggest team at any of our races and you will win the trophy, the podium glory, and the bragging rights!


1. Gym/PT Team Discounts

If you have a team of 10 people or more, then we have discounts available. The bigger your team, the bigger the discount!


2. Medal Presentation

Unique to Ultimate Athlete, we give you, the trainer, the opportunity to present your client with their medal as they cross the finish line. What an amazing moment to share as they complete the course you helped trained them for.
Sweaty, sandy hug optional.


3. Promotional Race Information for your Clients

Would you like to promote our races? We have posters and flyers available and would be more than happy to get some out to you. Just ask!



With a prime view of the course and start/finish line. Relax and enjoy the events’ atmosphere. Arrive to a fully-set-up marquee. Simply walk in to host and entertain your guests, teammates or colleagues.


Hosting package A: 15-30 pax package - $1,300+gst
  • 6m x 6m prime site

  • 6m x 3m marquee

  • 6m x 3m courtyard with picket fencing on the edge of the course

  • 3 x 1.2m round tables with 6 chairs each

Hosting package B: 10-15 pax package - $900+gst

  • 6m x 3m prime site

  • 3m x 3m marquee

  • 3m x 3m courtyard with picket fencing on the edge of the course

  •  2 x 1.2m round table with 6 chairs each


All sites include:
  • Sign identifying your site

  • 3-bin waste station (General, Recycling and food waste)

  • 1.2m round tables, one with a large umbrella

  • 6 x chairs per table

  • 1 x trestle table for food and drink


Order additional furniture and equipment if required. Tables, chairs, bar learners, bean bags and iceboxes for example.

You are welcome to bring along up to 2 x teardrop flags and erect them within the boundary of your site. These are for the purpose of identification only. There is no sales, marketing or promotional activity allowed in this area.

Contact our hospitality team to book your site now.